Why You Are Your Dog’s Personal Trainer

You might not realise it, but you are your dog’s personal trainer. You are 100% responsible for all of their exercise, and you also control every calorie of food that they eat. This is a huge responsibility which owners do not always appreciate they have.

A healthy, balanced diet and exercise regime for your dog is so important. There are countless medical conditions which can be brought on by being overweight, underweight, under exercised and over exercised, so getting it right for your dog is imperative.

Age is a hugely important factor as well. Puppies can easily be over exercised, as can elderly dogs. Your dogs breed is also something to consider. A Staffie needs much for exercise than a Pug for example, so understanding the needs of your dog’s breed is also important.

If you need any help putting together the best plan for your dog you can talk to your vet, dog experts such as us, and also the internet.

Your walks don’t have to be the same route every day as well. Start to vary your routes, explore different parks and trails in your area. Every city and town has countless walking routes and green spaces that you never see if you aren’t lucky enough to be a dog owner.

Being your dog’s personal trainer though also means that they get to be yours. Walking your dog regularly has many health benefits to you as well, both physically and mentally. You get to move extensively every day, getting in those vital steps, and it also gets you out the house – very important if you are the type of person who could easily spend all day at home working, doing house chores or watching TV.

So, get out into the fresh air and enjoy your exercise with your dog, it’ll be the most fun either of you have today.