We offer 1:1 10 week courses, covering a number of different topics. These are designed to target specific common problems; we will work with you and your dog(s) over the 10 weeks to help put the building blocks in place for you to have a much happier life with your canine friend.

The courses we offer are as follows:

  • Puppy 101 – taking your puppy through all the core training principles including toilet training, healing and recall. If this is your first puppy, we can train you too!
  • Intermediate Puppy Training – if your pup has mastered all the puppy basics then it’s time to move them on to more complex training. We will improve on the basics and teach them more difficult ideas and drills
  • Advanced Puppy Training – our Advanced Puppy Training will train your dog complex ideas, difficult concepts and a host of new tricks
  • Recall Correction – almost all dogs are happier off the lead, so teaching them to come back when asked is essential
  • Lead Behaviour – a pulling dog makes an unpleasant walk for everyone, so we will show your dog how they are expected to walk, and show you how to politely enforce it
  • Aggression Training – an aggressive dog is one of the most difficult things an owner will ever have to deal with. We will help your dog to relax around other dogs or people, and teach you both how to keep yourself safe
  • Rescue Dog Training – There are a number of issues that can present as your dog acclimatises into a new home. Get in touch to discuss in more detail and see how we can help
  • Agility Training – Agility is one of the most rewarding advanced training activities you can do with your dog. It’s great for teaching your dog lots of new tricks, and giving you both lots of exercise
  • Personal Training for Dogs – Help your dog lose weight, or maintain their current weight with our food management and exercise programme. Your dog will exercise with our Head Behaviourist, who also happens to be a qualified personal trainer!

Each course last 10 weeks, with 1hr of training per week; week 1 is assessment week, where we will talk to you, assess your dog, and plan out the programme. Weeks 2-10 are all about training your dog, and training you.

Please be aware that there may be a travel charge added to any of these courses, depending on how far you are from central Oxford.

To talk to us in more detail and to make a booking, get in touch.