Whether your dog needs to lose weight, or you want to maintain their current weight and energy levels, you can now get your dog their own personal trainer.

As well as being a qualified behaviourist, and having qualifications in canine nutrition, our Head Behaviourist Anthony is also a qualified personal trainer – making him the perfect training partner for your dog.

Week 1 of this 10 week programme will be setting out a diet plan and training plan for your dog. This will take into account your dog’s age, breed, current fitness level, and any medical issues they may have. Weeks 2 – 10 are all about getting your dog out and moving at whatever level they can manage. During the weeks we will slowly increase the exercise level, at a rate at which your dog can handle.

This course is run on days to suit your calendar, starting at your home.

The cost of this course is £450*

*a surcharge may be applicable if your trainer has to travel far from central Oxford for sessions

To talk to us in more detail and to make a booking, get in touch.