Having your best friend at your wedding is something we all would like. Unfortunately being the bride or groom means that having your dog there, keeping them safe, out of the way of proceedings when needed, and keeping their paws off your guests and their fancy clothes can be very stressful.

This is where we are here to help. We will provide you with a fully qualified canine behaviourist to be your dog’s +1 for the whole day. We will make sure your dog is wherever and whenever they need to be during the day, including transport to and from your wedding if needed – your dog will be in experienced hands.

Whether it’s for photos, on hand to walk you down the isle, or entertaining guests during the evening party – we will see to it that your dog is on time for all their responsibilities during the day, and is save throughout the day.

As well as the above, this service can include, if needed:

– A 1hr consultation before your wedding day to understand the plans for day, where your dog needs to fit into those plans, and the behaviour of your dog

– 1hr 1:1 time with your designated behaviourist and your dog, so your dog’s traits are understood to ensure the perfect day

The cost of this service is £400 for the day (plus travel cost where applicable)