Your dog deserves the very best in life. The best food, the best bed, the best cuddles – and also the best walks.

When life is busy and you are unable to walk your dog yourself, let us take them out for you.

Your dog (or dogs) will be walked by someone with vast experience – an experienced Canine Behaviourist. We will walk your dogs alone with no other client’s dogs, and only 2 at a time as a maximum, so they will not be part of large uncontrolled group. Your dog will be safe and under control at all times.

We will also walk your dog wherever you need them to be walked – their favourite park, a secure field etc. They will be on or off lead – whichever you prefer.

Because your dog will be walked with someone who has experience rehabilitating difficult dogs, we are happy to consider any dog with any behavioural problem. If your dog has aggression issues you may need to book a behavioural consultation with us before their first walk so we can make sure everyone is kept safe – please let us know about these issues when you email us and we will discuss the issues from there.

Get in touch today to find out our availability, and start giving your dog their best life even when you can’t be there.

From £35.00 an hour