Anthony has been training Lola and I since Lola was a young pup. I have had several dogs in the past, but wanted to see what a professional trainer could offer helping to raise my lovely lady. Initially, I had planned on using Anthony for 10 weeks or so, but I found the the training so rewarding I knew within a few sessions that I would carry on for far longer. Anthony has a wonderful way with Lola and she has evolved into a wonderful pet during the past 9 months, in no small part down to Anthony. Anthony made training fun and interesting and she has come so much further than I ever thought possible for her age. Anthony was always contactable when it came to more urgent concerns which cropped up between sessions, which I very much appreciated. In terms of my training, he kept our homework each week simple enough as to not be overwhelming, but challenging enough to stay interesting. We are now working on agility training which Lola really enjoys. This has been a very rewarding experience and I can’t praise Anthony enough. He is easy to work with, ever so knowledgeable and very reliable. Although, I think Lola might have a bit of a crush! I really wish I had known about Anthony with some of my previous dogs – thank you, Anthony, for all of your time and help.

Vered, Lola’s owner.