Diesel is a 5yr old Staffie, currently living in the Oxford area, who urgently needs to be rehomed due to his unique and difficult circumstances.

Diesel has had a difficult life, beaten by previous male owners, and needs a new home as soon as possible.

He would need to be the only animal in the home, and with a female owner. (A male in the household is possible, but it would require a period of working with him to get him used to the male). He is great with children.

Here is a message from his current owner:

“This is my amazing boy Diesel, he is a 5year old pure bread Staffie, he is an April fools baby 01/04/2013, he is a happy bouncy and loving boy, who is always happy to greet you with a sloppy kiss, but he will bother you until he gets some love in return, he’s had a tough time recently being mistreated by my ex partner, so I had to rescue him, but the accommodation I’m in will not allow me to keep him… although he doesn’t like other dogs (he was attacked) he is amazing with young kids, and thrives being in a family environment, my daughter is 5 years old and there is weeks between them, he was always happy to carry her around on his back and be there to watch over her and protect her !!! I am absolutely gutted and haven’t stopped crying about this decision to rehome him, but I simply have no other option… we all love him with all our hearts and will truly be devastated to never see him again.. but after the rough time he has had it is only fair he is happy and loved by someone who appreciates this beautiful bundle of joy… he will bring you so much love and should be given the best to thrive and finally be happy…
we will miss you baby…”

If you’re interested in rehoming Diesel, please get in touch with some information about yourself, and we will pass your details on to Diesel’s owners.