We contacted Anthony to gain some training with regards to being able to leave our year old Pomeranian puppy Bertie alone.

Like many others we got him in lockdown and he became accustomed to having us with him 24/7. As our offices opened up and we had to go back to work it became very apparent that Bertie was showing signs of separation anxiety when left on his own – pacing, barking, licking his paws and panting excessively.

With Anthony’s help, knowledge and guidance we have been able to build Bertie’s confidence and we are now in a position where he can be left on his own for a number of hours with no fuss at all.

He provided us with follow up support and any question always welcomed! If you are looking for a patient, kind and knowledgeable dog trainer look no further and don’t hesitate to contact him!

Amanda, Bertie’s owner.