Having seen a trainer and a behaviourist previously I was beginning to lose hope that I would be able to help my anxious little Alfie feel safe in the big world, until I was recommended Anthony! I can genuinely say that he has transformed our lives. Anthony is kind, patient, and always available for advice. It is easy to tell that this is his passion and that he wants success for the dogs he takes on.

Alfie was a pup that lacked socialisation due to the lockdown, he was scared of everyone and everything and very protective of me. Over the weeks Anthony has provided us with the tools to break down Alfie’s fears; with patience and hard work (from all three of us), we are now able to go on walks without barking. We’ve even been to Pets At Home, various pubs, walks away from his comfort zone, which was I never thought would be possible. Alfie is strutting around with more confidence, I have so much more confidence to go walking, and all of this is down to Anthony. I can’t recommend him enough. I have so much confidence in Anthony’s abilities that I have chosen to extend Alfie’s training sessions further in order to include dog socialisation, and maybe a few little tricks in there too!